Shared tools align sales and marketing

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March 08, 2021, 3:36 PM GMT+0

Businesses and marketers can leverage growth software like Nutshell and ActiveCampaign to serve and manage consumer needs effectively.

B2B organisations looking to align sales and marketing efforts should integrate growth software into their tech stack. Growth software is an integrated marketing automation platform that merges CRM, sales, and email marketing into a single tool.

Brands can serve consumers across different databases and locations and manage employees at a central location with growth software. Growth software is less cumbersome, as marketers can access information and switch between different user experiences and requires much lesser integration.

Further, the shared tools let sellers and marketers collaborate, pursue the same goals and attribute various marketing efforts and metrics to sales efficiently. Having shared software solutions can help brands unite their sales and marketing teams to drive revenue consistently, nixing any potential disputes.

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