Social shopping gaining traction 

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March 08, 2021, 5:12 PM GMT+0

A HubSpot study found that more than half of customers have purchased a product on at least one social platform. 

Though social media shops are relatively new, most consumers have already purchased from a social platform. Around 36% of consumers used Facebook to shop online, while 24.5% used Instagram, 13.5% used WhatsApp, and 10.5% used Pinterest. 

Facebook Shop’s integration with Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram allow a smooth purchasing experience, which is why it is the most social shopping platform. However, 49.5% of consumers have not purchased a product directly from a social platform, and 40.5% still prefer to buy products from ecommerce websites. 

The research suggests that social media shops could grow significantly as social media shopping tools gain more use, popularity or trust in the near future. Marketers should understand their potential buyer’s interests and preferences to better prepare for social media shops.

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