Test ad creatives for optimal results

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March 08, 2021, 6:00 AM GMT+0

B2B marketers should test ad creatives before launching using different formats, layouts, and calls-to-action (CTAs) to understand what drives maximum conversions.

With users spending just about 1.7 seconds looking at the content on social media, B2B brands must ensure their creatives are highly engaging. Incorporating coloured CTAs on B2B creatives can grab visitors’ attention, while phrases like “Watch the Webinar” or “Download the Guide” can direct visitors to take relevant action.

B2B brands should focus on customer pain points and challenges to create an engaging copy. Considering the buyer’s journey can help tailor content to deliver a solid proposition. Following Facebook’s recommendation of using “images with 20% texts” can also increase the reach.

Sharing compelling facts can make the copy more readable and drive conversion. B2B marketers should also ensure that their copy is mobile responsive and legible across other platforms.

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