Use social listening to improve content

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March 08, 2021, 10:34 AM GMT+0

By leveraging insights gained through social listening tools, marketers can enhance their content strategies and identify current trends. 

Marketers can use social listening tools to monitor and analyse online conversations about a brand or a specific topic. Tools can identify mentions of particular keywords and help marketers understand current trends to tailor and create engaging content. 

Social listening tools collects various behavioural and demographic insights from their target audience. Tools like Awario or Talkwalker can help marketers to analyse real-time and historical data simultaneously. Sourcing and using user-generated posts or videos into blogs and review articles can help in creating content that resonates with the audiences. 

Advanced social listening tools can also identify potential influencers or popular posts and videos that can help develop better content strategies. Monitoring competitor content can help marketers understand which type of content attract their audience. 

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