Cross-selling campaigns drive sales

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March 09, 2021, 3:11 AM GMT+0

Tools like Dialogue can help businesses build effective cross-selling campaigns while providing information on key marketing metrics.

Organisations looking to improve their ecommerce sales funnels amid the pandemic could do well to find new ways to engage and attract prospects while meeting their demands. This can be achieved by implementing cross-selling strategies, wherein all relevant and related products are displayed across the stages of a sales funnel.

Based on customers’ previous purchases, create personalised product recommendations and upsell offers, and display matching products on the checkout page. Having a customer support staff well-versed with the customers' journey and product knowledge can reduce the distractions consumers may have, particularly in the purchasing stage.

Consumer interactions followed by personalised branded email follow-ups also help boost brand awareness and sales. Ranking for search-driven branded keywords and crafting search-intent marketing copies helps improve search ranking on Google and increases conversions.

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