Improve UX and CX with headless commerce

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March 09, 2021, 4:43 AM GMT+0

Leverage headless commerce to provide a personalised omnichannel shopping experience across multiple devices and platforms.

With COVID-19-led shutdowns accelerating ecommerce growth, more retail stores have adopted online selling. Businesses must implement headless commerce and microservices to adapt amid government restrictions and changing consumer behaviour.

An API-led approach, headless commerce allows brands to separate the customer-facing front-end from the shopping cart functionality, and product and order management systems on the backend. This allows marketers to update user experience (UX) or customer experience (CX) at the frontend without having to deal with backend changes.

Further, it enables businesses to pick the best-in-breed solutions that match their needs, while resolving digital challenges and enhancing CX. Retailers can pick from a varied number of front-end solutions like digital experience platform (DXP) and create a web app to provide native mobile experiences, while future-proofing their business.

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