Monetise podcasts with sponsorships

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March 09, 2021, 5:33 AM GMT+0

By allowing advertisers to collaborate for sponsorships, podcast creators can monetise their content, build an identity for it while delivering value to consumers and reach to the sponsors.

To secure a sponsor, creators must pitch to five to 10 advertisers. Before pitching, identify the brands that are in alignment with your brand identity and those that can deliver value to your audiences. Next, reach brands directly or through a hosting service.

Joining a podcast network is another way and it can help gain exposure as well. Consider the ad formats on the table. These could range from radio-style ads or host-read ads.

Where 63% of podcast ads are host-read, 70% of listeners have considered a product upon coming across it though a podcast. Further, zero in on the sponsorship that could work best for you among CPM, affiliate or value-based while formulating the pitch deck.  

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