Track customer service ROI to aid sales

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March 09, 2021, 4:54 AM GMT+0

Focus on “people-based” factors like turning a return into an exchange or query resolution leading to repeat consumers, instead of on mathematical numbers.  

A well-executed customer service strategy can provide a company with returns like increased conversions, brand loyalty and sales. Seek customer feedback through annual surveys and quarterly check-ins before implementing quality input from these feedbacks back into customer service efforts.

Leverage CRMs to enable customer support teams to facilitate sales for repeat customers. Such customer retention efforts can help retain 5% of the high-value customers that can help brands be 30% closer to their quarterly goals.

Further, a sentiment analysis allows companies to know their customers, and their needs and demands better. To bring down query tickets drastically, develop an FAQ section that acts like a knowledge base. Formulating Standard Operating Procedures while allowing for some flexibility helps to better serve customers.

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