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March 09, 2021, 4:39 AM GMT+0

Consumers’ trust in businesses is eroding, as only 38% of US consumers trust advertising for information about brands and services, as per Kantar.

While brands work with celebrities and influencers to create authentic marketing content and build trust, influencer marketing isn’t as effective. Though famous, influencers are more likely to command attention, rather than convey the intention of the brand message.

This could hamper brand’s engagement rates, as influencers and celebrities have different lives than consumers, and fall out of customers “in-group” of followers. While influencer marketing has its merits, it cannot guarantee the frequency and consistency of messaging a brand expects.

The author suggests a people-to-peer marketing approach and creating digital narratives with “trusted messengers” from communities across geographies and identities to build trust. Businesses should collaborate with real people, customers, employees and community leaders to convey their brand story and boost click-through rates.

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