Advertisers must adopt CTV best practices 

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March 10, 2021, 4:05 PM GMT+0

According to The Drum, around 40% of households will be “cord cutters” by 2023. 

Advertising on CTV devices can help businesses maximise reach and continue brand building. A Magna study found that ads served on CTV devices create more positive emotion across all age groups with a higher retention rate than linear TV. 

CTV platforms provide marketers with more flexibility within media contracts, consumer insights and more precise measurement. CTV makers also leverage technologies like ACR, which provides data-driven insights and targeting capabilities that enable media buyers to deliver relevant and personalised ads at scale. These platforms also allow marketers to analyse and optimise campaigns in real-time. 

However, marketers need to pay close attention to the increase in fraudulent traffic within the CTV environment. But this does not mean advertisers must neglect the linear TV environment, as 60% of viewers are still expected to continue watching it in 2023. 

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