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March 10, 2021, 4:58 PM GMT+0

How-to guides can help both B2B and B2C companies enhance their lead generation strategy.

Marketers should conduct research to identify content gaps and opportunities. They should use research-based insights to create a comprehensive how-to guide on a particular subject. They can use keyword research tools to spot popular search queries and identify opportunities to rank on SERPs.

Using online forums and internal data can help brands understand their target audience’s concerns and challenges regarding a certain topic. Marketers can also conduct qualitative research to ensure their how-to guide answers all relevant concerns on the subject. They should make sure their guide is structured in an appropriate manner so that readers can easily navigate through the content.

Marketers should use a combination of written text, screenshot, images and videos to engage readers. They should also provide additional relevant links to pillar pages or ebooks to help readers easily find follow-up information.   

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