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March 11, 2021, 4:12 PM GMT+0

Interactive voice experiences can help brands enhance customer engagement and improve the overall customer experience. 

With over 55% of US adults owning smart speakers and other smart home speakers, voice is increasingly becoming an important communication channel for brands. This piece suggests brands should build a checklist to create a seamless interactive voice experience. They can segment their checklist into three parts: The People, The Plan, and The Tech. 

Creating the People checklist can help marketers identify the people necessary for launching a voice experience initiative for their brand. In the Plan checklist, marketers should highlight each step, from establishing clear goals to educating teams members about a single approach commitment.

The Tech checklist can help marketers shift from the planning to execution stage by identifying the necessary tech elements. Brands can use metrics like brand affinity, brand lift and customer engagement to measure their voice performance. 

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