Music in ads can boost engagement

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March 11, 2021, 10:44 AM GMT+0

Integrating music in ads can help companies stand out and augment brand awareness.

Incorporating music in paid ads combined with great visuals and editing helps evoke consumers’ emotions and connect with them. To create marketing campaigns integrated with music, think about the moods to be conveyed while conceptualising a campaign, rather than adding it as an after-thought.

Brands must think about specific emotions they want to elicit and plan out the CTAs in advance to select the right music for ads. Ensure the ad is not overwhelming and includes songs that remind consumers of certain places to make them memorable.

Creating ads with a story along with music can amplify the brand message while building trust and connecting with consumers on a personal level. The choice of music should be entertaining and not have many elements, as to not confuse audiences with too many messages.

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