Use affinity mapping to boost app engagement 

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March 11, 2021, 2:40 PM GMT+0

Affinity diagrams showcase the relationships between information, opinions, problems and solutions by placing them in relevant groups. 

While designing a mobile app, brands should focus on personalising the user experience. Allowing users to find a community within the mobile app, either by creating shareable content or incorporating messaging features, can help brands keep users invested. 

Conducting affinity mapping or trend forecasting can help marketers turn app-based research and data into actionable insights. It can further help marketers forecast economic, demographic and social trends that are relevant to their product. Marketers should use this information to develop in-app chat features to boost app engagement. 

To further that engagement, marketers know their target audience demographics, goals, needs, pain points, attitudes and behaviours. These insights can help marketers make informed decisions to boost engagement. 

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