Add gamification to the marketing mix

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March 12, 2021, 6:37 AM GMT+0

Gamification can help businesses, especially ecommerce startups, boost reach and enhance user engagement.

By integrating simple games- from interactive quizzes to card games - into the marketing strategy, ecommerce startups can increase engagement and boost product promotion. Gaming elements can help brands stimulate curiosity, competition and the urge to explore in the customers.

A well-thought gamification implementation plan can encourage interaction, improve outreach and eventually turn casual browsers into loyal customers. These gaming elements should be personalised, addictive games that ensure entertainment as well as brand awareness.

Marketers should offer points, rewards and introduce loyalty programs to keep users invested. They can also provide gaming elements like progress bars, loyalty points and leader boards, even for non-gaming elements.  Using customer insights from gaming elements can further help brands create content tailored to consumer preferences.

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