To secure consented data, test new IDs

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March 12, 2021, 3:10 AM GMT+0

Create data for benefit incentives like personalised ads to gather user data with consent.

To be prepared for a cookie-less world, marketers need to figure how to acquire, use and maintain user data in a compliant way. With consumer privacy laws across the US and the EU regulating the protection of user data, securing personally identifiable information (PII) is recommended.

Implementing security protocols, audits, encryption and training staff can help businesses, secure users, PII data. Brands need to be aware of the new privacy laws and must assess these regulations to create best practices on opt-out disclosers and privacy rights.

Further, testing out new ID solution tech like Google’s FLoC and creating more transparent interactions can help brands improve their ad targeting. Understanding rules around linking first-party data with other data sets can help marketers leverage first-party data tools like customer data platforms.

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