Add Audio OOH in the marketing mix

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March 15, 2021, 4:48 PM GMT+0

Audio OOH advertising helps improve the customer experience while also adhering to privacy norms.

Around 20% of shoppers change their minds at the point of purchase because of what they hear-in-store. Audio OOH advertising can help brands influence consumer behaviour at this pivotal movement. Unlike other ad technologies, Audio OOH does not track device-level data and depends on in-store audience data.

This location-specific communication channel can help marketers target audiences more creatively and enhance customer experience without invading customer privacy. Combining audio ads with entertaining music tailored to consumer interests can help boost engagement.

Apart from helping marketers target the most relevant customers, this technology can also help them understand how audio ads can affect the customer journey.  Having this type of product-level transactional data can give advertisers an edge over others. 

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