Ads reduce engagement on YouTube

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March 15, 2021, 4:23 PM GMT+0

HubSpot’s recent study highlights why consumers disengage from YouTube videos. 

A majority (36%) of consumers drop out of YouTube videos because of “Too many ads before or during the videos.” Around 18% of respondents reported abandoning videos because they did not find the video to be entertaining. 

Around 17% of consumers said they most commonly click out of YouTube videos as they do not “grab or keep” their attention. Though 9% of respondents said they disengage from videos if they are too long, a small share of Gen Z customers is willing to watch long videos on YouTube. 

The article suggests businesses can consider turning off mid-roll ads in their YouTube videos to improve audience engagement. Marketers should also start their YouTube videos with the most intriguing information to keep viewers hooked and engaged. 

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