Brands need to sharper their focus on CTV

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March 15, 2021, 8:43 AM GMT+0

The increased fragmentation in the CTV sector is pushing more brands to experiment with new formats and products to enhance ad performance.

With connected TV (CTV) becoming fragmented across apps, devices, and platforms, marketers have an opportunity to connect with their audiences through CTV. Despite challenges arising due to fragmentation, 83% of American homes are projected to have CTV by 2023, and brands must leverage this opportunity to scale their campaigns.

CTV Fragmentation has led to more competition, lowering prices, which marketers can capitalise on to widen their reach in a cost-effective manner. Nearly a quarter of marketers identify cost-effective CPM as the reason to switch from linear to CTV.

Moreover, with CTV, advertisers can optimise ad spends and report TV measurements while reshaping the media ecosystem and driving brand success. Brands must incentivise “interoperability” to ensure ads remain transparent and act as a benchmark for emerging CTV players.

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