Use AI to nurture each lead effectively

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March 15, 2021, 5:04 PM GMT+0

It can help marketers achieve higher ROI than manual efforts.

Manually following up on each lead can be time-consuming for marketers. Using artificial intelligence can help companies target potential clients with personalised offerings at scale. It can further help marketers to focus only on qualified leads that require human attention.

Marketers can use AI-powered virtual assistants to automatically qualify more leads to sales opportunities by engaging with them via human-like, two-communication over email, chat and SMS. AI can help marketers nurture the relationship and guide the lead naturally through the funnel until they are sales-ready.

This technology can also help marketers pre-personalise the interaction by targeting specific and relevant audiences for each campaign. AI can automatically look at each visitor's attributes and serve the most appropriate version of the branded page, increasing conversion.

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