Audio adverts gaining new ground

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March 16, 2021, 2:57 PM GMT+0

A recent IAB report found Australian media agencies are increasingly turning to digital audio streaming and podcast advertising.

Around 69% of media agencies have included digital audio advertising as a significant or regular part of their marketing activities. Similarly, 36% of agencies reported using podcast advertising as an essential or regular part of their marketing activity.

Most media agencies are using streaming digital audio (82%) and podcast advertising (73%) to build brand awareness. But, the study identified a disconnect between campaign objectives and the metrics used for evaluating these goals.

The study further found brands are not tailoring creatives to suit different audio environments of varying broadcast and audio advertising channels. IAB Australia CEO Gai Le Roy said, "We're not seeing enough investment in tailoring creative and the research shows that tailoring content can give any marketing campaign an uplift."

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