Boost rankings with LiveBlogPosting schema

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March 16, 2021, 3:05 PM GMT+0

LiveBlogPosting schema is structured data that enables websites to signal search engines that their content is being updated in real-time.

Marketers can find the LiveBlogPosting structured data on as a subtype of “Article” structured data and applies mainly to publishers that create live blogs. It is a valuable tool for websites looking to get placed in Google’s Top Stories.

Non-publisher sites can also use this type of structured data and create event-related live content to improve search rankings. To implement this strategy, marketers need to create a new URL every day to indicate freshness, apply LiveBlogPosting schema, and continually update the URL.

Websites should also ensure each update has its own dedicated timestamp. They must get whitelisted on Google and make technical implementation to highlight coverage start and end time, headline and live blog update.

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