Consumers prefer empathy amid COVID-19

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March 16, 2021, 3:26 AM GMT+0

Genesys’s recent report found that human connectivity is disrupted, as two in five people reported feeling less connected, amid the pandemic.

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating virtual connections, more consumers have resorted to digital means to stay connected. The study found that one in six consumers admitted calling customer care service to talk to someone and 20% felt more connected by contacting the customer service frequently.

However, 67% prefer empathetic customer service experiences to speedy resolutions. Listening (88%), understanding needs (86%) and valuing their time (85%) are the top expectations from customer service representatives.

Moreover, 46% of consumers feel more connected to companies that remember them. On average consumers are spending six hours a day interacting with others on social media, emails, text, phone and video, etc, during work. 71% of brands now provide excellent customer service, compared to 27% in 2019.

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