Visuals help engage Gen Z cohort

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March 16, 2021, 12:48 PM GMT+0

These could be memes, symbols, images and more.

Currently accounting for 25.9% of the global population, the Gen Z cohort needs to be approached differently by brands as compared to other age groups. The author points out that Gen Z may well be in a position to shape the “future of brands.”

To engage them, visual-driven platforms like Instagram and Vine would work well, as Gen Z prefer visuals and concepts to words. Gen Z would be interested in brands that invite them to solve problems or those that help them “build their own story.”

They would also be interested in brands that help them maintain their “social currency” or their influence online via sales and apps. While the cohort may not currently have a lot of buying power, nurturing them now can help retain or acquire them as consumers in the future.

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