Brands must leverage employee feedback

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March 17, 2021, 3:20 PM GMT+0

Feedback data can enhance product innovation, improve brand advocacy and foster long-term customer relationships.

As employees have a frontline perspective on the brand’s products and services as well as customer engagement, brands must proactively gather employee feedback and use it to shape their strategies and innovation programs. Employee feedback can also help brands pick up inside insights, enhancing productivity, transparency and improving communication.

Companies should adopt an open environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. Embracing criticism from employees can help companies ensure participation and gain genuine employee insights.

Doing deep analysis on employee feedback can help recognise opportunities to improve service quality, product functionality, brand value and employee satisfaction. Brands must follow-through on the feedback and make changes to address issues raised by employees. It can help brands circumvent challenges like bad press, inadequate inventory and avoid controversies.

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