Measure sales via digital attribution

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March 17, 2021, 4:49 AM GMT+0

Brands can use UTM parameters on browsers to measure click-through attribution.

Despite attribution models helping identify marketing channels that contribute to direct sales, they will no longer be viable, as third-party cookies phase-out. Adopting digital and analogue measurement could help businesses optimise and plan media measurement in a cookie-less world.

While analogue tools measure the impact of marketing channels they use past data to forecast results and can be time-consuming and expensive to run. With browsers like Google Chrome releasing digital attribution solutions, brands can still attribute media to sales, albeit much of the data processing will be moved to users’ device.

However, measures like limiting how long identifiers can be will be included in digital solutions to ensure consumer privacy. Marketers need to build their tech stacks and test cookie-less digital solutions, and create robust marketing plans to attribute digitally.

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