Online shopping is the new normal

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March 17, 2021, 4:37 AM GMT+0

71% of people in G-7 countries reported their incomes being affected due to COVID-19, as per cited Kantar data.

With the pandemic disrupting businesses, companies have changed the way they operate, and some of these changes will be permanent, according to Google. Consumer habits have transformed amid COVID-19, and businesses have adopted real-time tracking to keep up.

Searches for “who has” and “in stock” grew over 8,000% YoY in 2020 in the US, while search queries like “can you freeze” surged in the UK. Moreover, searches for “online learning” and “with friends online” increased 400% and 300% YoY, as consumers sought alternative ways to learn and connect with friends.

With brick and mortar stores offering conveniences like local delivery and curb-side pick-up, online shopping trend is predicted to stay. Virtual events will remain past COVID-19 while working from home trend are expected to continue.

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