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March 17, 2021, 3:23 PM GMT+0

B2B buyers give less access to salespeople, and 83% of buyer journeys do not include a sales representative.

Studies show B2B buyers place greater importance on perspective and recommendations from non-sales people, peers, and subject matter experts. Establishing thought leadership through content marketing could help marketers effectively target their potential buyers.

B2B companies must understand that marketing in the modern sales experience is changing, and buyers no longer rely on salespeople to make a purchase decision. Marketers should take a storytelling approach to address their audiences’ concerns and queries.

Scattering bite-sized content throughout the website, social posts and pitch books to address users’ needs and pain points can help marketers improve the sales experience. They should also equip salespeople with sales enablement tools to leverage the right information at the right moment during their customer interactions.

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