Maximise reach via paid posts

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March 18, 2021, 3:29 AM GMT+0

A tone of voice document highlighting intentions, mission, and consumer personas can help marketers maintain consistent branding on social media platforms.

Marketing on social media platforms can help brands reach target audiences, enhance engagement and drive sales. Building presence on social media platforms where the target audiences are located, and publishing content aligned with the platform’s format, can help brands enhance marketing efforts.

Avoid reposting the same content across all social platforms as this could annoy prospects and even have them unfollow the brand. Creating original content with different formats like Instagram Reels, stories, videos and more helps attract new audiences and boost engagement.

Assessing social media analytics and collaborating with influencers with similar values can help companies create content preferred by their audiences and connect with consumers. Having at least over 10 posts is recommended before opting for sponsored posts, to ensure maximum reach.

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