Great consumer experiences boost reviews

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March 19, 2021, 2:29 AM GMT+0

Running a referral system can help brands boost positive reviews and recommendations for their business.

With reviews, testimonials and recommendations having subtle differences, accounting for each of them in the marketing mix can help brands drive consumers’ purchasing decisions. Reviews are usually collected on third-party tools like Google, while testimonials are requested by brands, whereas recommendations are made from one consumer to another.

To receive good reviews and recommendations, brands must offer quality products, services and provide exceptional customer experiences. By understanding consumer preferences, improving speed and accuracy, and providing quality services, marketers can enhance their customer experiences, thereby drive positive reviews and recommendations.

For testimonials, marketers must choose customers carefully, as prospects offering testimonials usually represent the brand’s ideal consumer persona. Businesses can ask consumers with great brand experiences to leave testimonials on review sites like Yelp and upload video testimonials on their websites.

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