Brands unprepared for a cookie-less web

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March 22, 2021, 12:08 PM GMT+0

Dynata’s recent survey of Europe and the US markets found that the removal of third-party cookies will impact three-quarters of respondent companies.

According to the report, 78% of companies have no plan in place for a post-third-party cookie world. Marketers must note that Google won’t be using alternate identifiers to replace third-party cookies. Currently, only 40% of US marketers are actively working on first-party ID solutions.

Marketers (79%) like flexibility and control/ownership of data and 72% want flexibility and tailored solution as benefits of first-party data. 40% of companies say all elements are of equal importance to them. However, user experience is a top priority for 16%.

With benefits like data optimisation and cost efficiencies, 75% are interested in a single dashboard interface. Ability to respond quickly and broad knowledge of marketing platforms are top skills required by companies.

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