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March 22, 2021, 4:30 AM GMT+0

Maintaining XML sitemaps and crawl budgets can improve programmatic SEO.

With programmatic SEO generating pages at a large scale to reach audiences with specific intents, marketers must incorporate programmatic SEO into the marketing mix. Businesses in the travel, ecommerce, educational and real-estate industries can leverage programmatic SEO to reach consumers through numerous keyword variations.

Brands must assess page categories via analytics data and CRM to know the demand and revenue impact created from each category. Conduct audience interviews, A/B tests, and more to gather qualitative audience data like search terms used and the content accessed to implement programmatic SEO.

Combining keyword research with search query data from Google Ads, evaluating site data and landing pages helps attribute searches that are driving clicks and conversions. Restructure page layouts, test content types and structured data to conversion rate optimisation to deliver enhanced user experience.

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