Zero-click searches dominated Google in 2020

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March 22, 2021, 5:17 PM GMT+0

Around two-thirds of all Google searches across both desktop and mobile devices ended without a click in 2020.

A recent study by SimilarWeb found that zero-clicks accounted for 64.82% of all Google searches last year. Among 5.1 million Google searches analysed, 33.59% resulted in clicks on organic search results, and only 1.59% resulted in clicks on paid search results.

The study observed zero-click searches were much higher on mobile devices as opposed to desktop devices. Organic click-through rate on desktops was more than 50%, while paid CTR was only 2.78%, and zero-click searches were 46.48%.

In contrast, zero-click searches on mobile were 77.22%, while organic CTR was 21.99% and paid CTR was 0.79%. While 2020 saw the highest-ever share of zero-click searches recorded, overall search volume and the paid search shares did see growth.

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