Effectively test Facebook ads on a budget

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March 23, 2021, 3:41 PM GMT+0

Businesses can test Facebook and Instagram ads with a budget as small as $250.

Investing somewhere around $250 to $500 should be sufficient for testing Facebook and Instagram ads. Businesses can also complete their social ad testing within seven to 10 days. Initially, marketers should use a short copy of one to two sentences to test their Facebook ad copies.

Marketers can use a slightly longer copy with three to four sentences for the second copy test and use a couple of paragraphs or longer to test the last copy length. While testing the visuals, marketers should include video and GIFs together.

To get effective results, marketers should make sure all these tests have the same audience, budget and start time and other factors. After determining the best ad copy combination, marketers can use it for retargeting general audiences or warming up cold audiences.

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