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March 23, 2021, 5:49 PM GMT+0

Brands that have adopted privacy-safe, consent-based and transparent targeting methodologies would be better placed in a cookie-less world.

With Google ready to phase out third-party cookies by 2022, many companies have already embraced alternative identifiers to offer personalised user experiences. However, Google’s recent announcement made it clear a lot of these identifiers will soon become non-functional, but it would still allow contextual targeting and first-party data targeting.

But this means some companies will be better placed than others when it comes to prospering in a cookie-less future. These would include companies who have picked up and implemented lessons from European consent-based audience solutions. 

Also well placed will be companies with direct connections to DoubleClick and DV360, as it would make them among the first players to activate audiences at scale using Google’s new methodologies. Companies must test various data onboarding methodologies and stay agile for a privacy-first digital advertising world.

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