Enhance UX on exit pages to drive sales

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March 23, 2021, 2:11 AM GMT+0

Google Tag Manager helps discover website interface issues and gather insights on incomplete forms during the conversion process.

Assessing website data via tools helps businesses discover missed sales opportunities while retaining website traffic. Evaluate website data and track core KPIs to understand why visitors leave the site without converting and make changes to the site and marketing efforts accordingly.

Tracking exit page metrics via Google Analytics helps brands understand users’ last interaction with a website and identify the reason for session termination. Analysing factors that led users to abandon the website helps marketers enhance user experience (UX) and drive conversions.

Recording and examining search terms on the site enables brands to understand the needs of potential consumers, and thereby improve their offerings. Conduct an SEO analysis to further understand prospects’ needs and implement cost-per-conversion models like Google Ads to drive sales.

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