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March 23, 2021, 4:29 AM GMT+0

Measuring KPIs aligned with the overall business objectives can help marketers appropriately attribute sales.

To gather insights or alternative perspectives, brands must ask more questions around their marketing campaigns. Asking “why” for an initiative can help companies comprehend the impact they are trying to have and asking “so what” consistently provides marketers, different angles of the impact.

Further, asking the “why not” question can help marketers discover challenges while mitigating risk factors that negatively impact the campaigns. With consumer behaviour, technologies and lifestyle habits constantly evolving, conducting one-on-one customer research through interviews can reinforce consumer relationships.

Thinking like challenger brands by finding data patterns, talking to consumers about pain-points and taking calculated risks can help businesses disrupt the market and become industry leaders. Rather than spreading resources thin on different initiatives, prioritise activities to boost digital marketing campaigns.

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