Most people do not trust online ads

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March 23, 2021, 3:27 PM GMT+0

A recent study from Magna and IPG’s Mediahub found only 10% of customers in the US and Australia completely trust online ads.

The study found only 12% of consumers believe “online ads are good for society”, while 17% said online adverts are bad for society, and 28% said they do not trust online ads at all. However, the vast majority of consumers reported neutral feelings towards online ads, indicating an opportunity for marketers to target potential buyers.

Heavy ad loads with messages popping up back-to-back all day long were identified among the biggest turn-off for consumers. While irrelevant, non-targeted online ads result in disengagement, serving hyper-personalised ads can come across as creepy.

The article suggests that marketers should also avoid aggressively serving product-focused ads and balance personalisation with audience engagement. The focus should be on authentic content that fosters consumer trust and avoids consumer backlash.  

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