Personalisation enhances email marketing

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March 23, 2021, 1:02 AM GMT+0

Ascend2’s recent Email Marketing Optimisation Survey polled 298 marketing professionals.

When it comes to optimising email marketing, 45% of marketers find maintaining an engaged email list as challenging, shares the report. Other challenges marketers face when optimising email marketing strategies are reducing spam complaints (37%) and growing the email list size (34%).

With email optimisation driving conversion rates and ROI; design, deliverability and subject lines at 43%, 36% and 35% respectively, are most important to test, state marketers. Testing emails before deploying them helps marketers deliver high-quality engagement campaigns.

Of those polled, 43% of marketers say personalisation is most vital to optimise email campaigns, followed by data quality (39%), email design (34%) and messaging (33%). For inactive subscribers, 31% of marketers will wait two to six months before removing them from the mailing list.

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