Write clear headlines for generating leads

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March 23, 2021, 3:23 PM GMT+0

Studies show that straightforward headlines out-perform their creative alternatives.

Businesses should write clear, straightforward headlines that aid the readers understanding and guide them smoothly to their landing pages. These headlines should focus on either solving a problem, selling a benefit or highlighting a customer pain point.

Using how-to headlines can help brands clearly state the benefit of the brand’s offerings. The how-to aspect can also help brands drive more high-quality leads. They can further amplify lead generation by using value-proposition based and superlative headlines

To further conversions, brands can use “Agitator” headlines – that creates problem awareness. For instance, “Tired of [Annoying Problem X]? We Can Help”. Agitator headline can help marketers almost instantly connect with their target audience and improve their chances of conversion.

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