Build connections via hybrid events

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March 24, 2021, 2:38 AM GMT+0

Hybrid events range from a live broadcast with guest speakers to on-demand presentations to engagement apps and more.

As COVID-19 halted physical events, organisations adopted virtual experiences to replace in-person and on-site conferences, conventions and meetings. However, hosting hybrid events allows companies to manage the scale of the experiences as per the sponsors, attendee strength and audiences’ safety concern, amid the pandemic.

Incorporating real-time screens, social media integrated apps and break-out sessions can help brands transform virtual events into hybrid ones and build real-time connections with attendees. Offer interactions like media players and chatrooms to create a dynamic learning spaces for audiences with varied learning requirements.

Emphasise on pre-event and post-event experiences through email updates, relevant resources, and more to entice attendees and augment experiences. Sharing teaser content can help brands boost last-minute registrations while offering post-event Q&A questions will help keep the audiences engaged.

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