Google Ads was out for several hours

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March 24, 2021, 6:12 PM GMT+0

The search engine giant's ads suffered an outage for several hours across Europe and India.

Google Ads, the dominant player in the online advertising space, went down for several hours on Wednesday. All ads, including search ads and Google Analytics, were unavailable in many European countries, including the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Italy. 

While some advertisers reported, Google Ads was restored after about two hours but reported intermittent service. Incubeta's former UK CEO Luke Judge said, "Digital advertising happens in the milliseconds, and having minutes or hours of downtime can really impact on campaign performance, not to mention marketers stress levels."

London-based Stretch Digital estimated the outage would have cost $280,000 per minute in advertising revenue. After a similar outage of 45 minutes on 14th December 2020, Google said it was due to "an internal storage quota issue".

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