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March 25, 2021, 5:40 PM GMT+0

Marketers should deliver uniform messaging across multiple channels while meeting each platform’s specific requirements.

Multichannel marketing campaigns can help brands reach their target audiences in different places. However, marketers must create an effective multichannel marketing strategy for a consistent presence across the board. Companies should first define their buyer persona, pain points, and frequently-used social channels to create an effective strategy.

Understanding the personality and behaviour of ideal clients can help marketers create relatable and engaging brand messaging. Instead of copy-pasting the same content across multiple channels, marketers need to develop tailored content for each platform’s demographics, dimensional requirements and usage.

Marketers can also create an overarching campaign or promotional plan with guidelines for different channels while ensuring their content is different. Using a single publishing platform for all branded content can further help marketers ensure consistent multichannel messaging. 

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