Digital marketing fraud via bots growing

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March 25, 2021, 3:16 AM GMT+0

WhiteOps and Renegade surveyed 129 digital marketers with performance marketing responsibility.

With digital marketing fraud being a rising concern, 63% of marketers reported experiencing some sort of digital marketing fraud in the past 12 months, as per the report. Media buy fraud, wherein bots click on ads and automated lead generation frauds were the most commonly experienced frauds at 36% and 23% respectively.

Other fraud types marketers came across were paid retargeting of bots instead of humans (20%) and ad inventory holding or inventory exhaustion fraud (7%). Fraud incentives, referrals, loyalty program abuse were also experienced by 12%.

22% of marketers think a quarter or more of the contacts in their first-part data are fake or fraudulent. 43% observed suspicious behaviour on their website and were unable to estimate how much of it was bot-driven traffic.

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