Provide value to handle crises better

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March 25, 2021, 1:40 AM GMT+0

Where possible, weigh cost and benefit of an action you wish to take in response to a crisis, online.

Brand building efforts, particularly with the assistance of digital, can face social media harassment and bad press. While bigger organisations may be better equipped to tackle this, it may not be the case for smaller businesses with limited legal support and limited resources.

Companies leveraging social media for brand building must place “customer value” that they provide over “customer values”, which are prone to changes. To do this, work towards optimising business development processes and providing excellent customer service.

Proactive preparation to fend off unwanted attention on social media is critical. Streamlining operations, having a law firm on retainer, building an internal team are some measures to explore. In case of “irrelevant” online criticism, avoid diverting limited resources away from growth efforts towards it.

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