Site visitors value design, team bios

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March 25, 2021, 2:45 AM GMT+0

Ascend2’s recent survey of B2B website visitors and B2B marketers found that marketing websites influenced the decision-making process for both cohorts.

According to the study, factors like answer to questions, easy navigation and expert advice/insights, are what both B2B site visitors and marketers want from marketing websites. However, 44% of B2B marketers value social proof and compelling brand message/story more than site visitors.

Beautiful design at 22% and team photos and bios at 11% are valuable to site visitors. Search boxes (69%), live chat/chat-bots (45%), and social media links/feeds (35%) were ranked as the preferred website features among visitors.

For 67% of marketers, search engines are the best traffic sources. 72% of site visitors discover B2B sites through search engines. Reviews/testimonials, original research were the formats that were valued most by visitors, while how-to article’s, case studies, and whitepapers ranked high among marketers.

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