49% of Americans support brand activism

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March 26, 2021, 4:59 AM GMT+0

Piplsay’s recent survey of 30,221 Americans found that 31% believe brand activism can bring real change.

Despite the differences in opinion, 49% of consumers view the overall brand activism trend for social movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM) in a positive light, according to the report. While 34% had a neutral view of brand activism for social causes, 17% view it negatively.

Brands like PepsiCo and Mars have made changes to their logos and product names in view of social issues. In the post-BLM environment, 38% respondents have higher expectations from brands.

Further, 31% of consumers believe brands are “giving in or cashing in on the culture war.” Brand activism affected purchasing behaviour and brand impression for 58% of consumers. Millennials (57%) say activism impacts their impression and buying behaviour, compared to 43% of Gen Z.

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