Brand-related listicles drive traffic

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March 26, 2021, 3:38 AM GMT+0

Listicles can be long lists with one or two sentences or short lists with few sentences or paragraphs for complicated topics.

Creating listicles helps brands provide additional information to consumers on listed items like products or SEO techniques. Listicles are easy to read, digest and gauge, as they include numbered subheadings consistent with the listed item and have bite-size definitions.

Choosing relevant topics that people are searching for via keyword tools helps marketers write listicles that drive traffic and provide value to prospects. Ensure the selected topics are appropriate and decide on the right number of items to be listed.

Determining the approach, writing new list points, and expanding on those ideas by extracting subheadings through SEO tools helps brands craft effective listicles. Define each point in the listicle, include images to enhance readability, and write a conclusion to wrap up the listicle.

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