Loyalty rewards can lower PPC churn

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March 26, 2021, 5:19 PM GMT+0

PPC churn rate is the number of users who convert via paid ads but then decide to leave.

Poor customer service, unorganised on-boarding process and confusing documentation could be responsible for high PPC churn rate. Using a CRM system or customer lifetime tracking tool can help marketers better understand customer behaviour. To identify the reason why customers are leaving, marketers can conduct a competitive analysis and UX testing.

Marketers can reward long-term customers with value-added features like a dedicated customer support line to retain more customers and lower the PPC churn rate. Offering rewards to customers can also help brands foster long-term consumer relationships.

Brands should also prioritise customer service, create an easy-to-read FAQ, video documentation, or use a chatbot to provide valuable, timely service. Reducing customer friction by creating an easy to navigate website can further help improve customer loyalty.  

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