Minimise friction to boost conversions

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March 26, 2021, 6:00 AM GMT+0

Removing unnecessary forms and pages can help brands improve lead conversion rates.

Marketers should minimise or shorten the sales funnel to improve lead conversion rates. They should remove as many steps as possible between a visitor arriving on the website and taking profitable action. They can eliminate forms entirely and directly offer a trial or demo to convert more customers quickly.

Writing a compelling onboarding email with a friendly tone can further help drive quality leads. However, marketers should also maintain simple, easy-to-understand language and a natural communication tone. They can also create automated, personalised email marketing campaigns that address specific user needs and pain points.

Leveraging content marketing to address user queries can further help improve conversions. They should end each content with a clear and creative CTA like “Yes, I want results”. Lowering prices can further marketers effectively target price-sensitive customers. 

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